We have SOHO (Small Office Home Office) solutions for Small & Medium Enterprise. A SOHO Network consist of IT Infrastructure for Servers (Media Server, Library & Doc Server, Fileserver, Storage Server), all of your Notebook, PCs, Smartphone and security surveilance devices in your integrated network. Though SOHO is often characterized as being a small in both the size of the office space and number of employees, We always take it into a serious concern, for your best functional IT operation. A home office is a good choice for professionals who operate their own service-based small business (i.e., real estate, pet care, legal services) and for some Internet-based business including email marketing services, SEO consulting or ecommerce.

We also offer a SOHO solution which integrated to the cloud services (SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, NaaS). Cloud is widely open your possibilities to optimize you IT operational support while get your budget to be more efficient. The Cloud is no more unreachable. It is here to serve you. We can offer the best fit solution of SOHO and Cloud for you.