Required system integration to consolidate ways of various messages from reports, alerts, system notification would be managed, indexed and archived to be part of corporate service operation data.

Infosystem provide expertise and ready made SMS Based Application, Instant Messaging implementation and Email solutions to leverage customer needs to next level of optimized messaging service. It can improve contact with customers, facilitate communication between co-workers, and streamline their company’s everyday operations.

This service will ensure that customer and your operational team will never lost contact. Few minutes is so pricesly that people can jump into other alternatives once they fail to contact us. We should develop our own way stay in touch with customer or other member of our operational team. With the buzz of social media, this communication model should also embrace them. Social media should be be feared as long as the flow of information about your operation is manageabled and able to convey your best value to serve your customer.

We cannot integrate directly with social media, but we can provide and manage what kind of information flowing in and out into the social media that buzz our brand and best value. Our solution is an integration of messenger as a unified stack consist of

  • Corporate SMS Gateway
  • Corporate Email Management
  • Corporate Instant Messaging Service

This stack will bring all communication channel easier to reach to serve your customer and internal communication of your operational team.